Wednesday, May 27, 2015

who is that old lady?

This is definitely a post for Mulberry days (a bittersweet time of life), a post that is even difficult to put into words. But I do wonder how many others who are in this same boat honestly think, "Who is that old lady looking back at me in the mirror?"

I mean, I know it's me... but it doesn't look like me... not the me I remember. And I don't see my mother's face in mine, nor my dad's. I never knew my grandmothers. Guess I could look like one of them at this age (I'll have to check that out). We don't have many photos, but there are a few around. It does still feels like me inside, and it's not like I mind the physical change, just wonder how and when it happened.

My 70th birthday is coming up. This too astounds me... and may be (what's the right word?) the instigator of all this.  I guess birthdays never really affected me much until this one. Again...not that I mind. I'm certainly glad to have the opportunity to celebrate it. But still...70! Wow! (You see a lot of 70's in the obits)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

simple enough...

this is my idea of retirement

and these next pics are my ways of implementing living simply...

traveling to Hill country

My legs are short, so stretching them out in the car is very comfortable. This is how I like to travel...

Ghost and I reading together at night
And this is how I enjoy spending my nights...